12. - 14.12.2016 2nd MERIDA MEETING of Partners (Kraków, Poland)

27. - 30.09.2016 Soil gas flux measurements in Poland done by INERIS together with GIG with participation of PGG and UNIOVI

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23.09.2016 Commence of laboratory experiments to evaluate long term gas flow after mine flooding by INERIS

30.08.2016 1st MERIDA paper published Towards sustainability in underground coal mine closure contexts: A methodology proposal for environmental risk management

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31.05.2016 Soil gas flux measurements preparation – site visit (Pszów, Poland) INERIS- Rydułtowy Mine- GIG

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22.04.2016 Anna Mine Shafts visit. Methane and radon measurements performed by GIG

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10.03.2016 Coal samples from Pumarabule Mine and Mosquitera Mine were sent by HUNOSA to INERIS (France)

23.02.2016 Coal samples from Rydutowy-Anna Mine were sent by GIG to INERIS (France)

03. - 04.02.2016 KICK OFF MEETING, Kocierz, Poland
Visit to the Rydułtowy-Anna Mine